At this present economic situation, manufacturing organizations must think about to the important aspects like understand and adopt updated industrial technologies,  more collaborative/Joint venture activities with other companies for working out new business models, schedule new ways of organizing production globally, develop workforce skills etc which help to exploit high growth markets. The way forward for manufacturing companies in China must ensure excellence in all their activities. In order to understand updated manufacturing technologies and best manufacturing practices at production units and business process areas, Maxwell is organizing a study mission to Germany from 1st to 5th December 2019 at Cologne, Germany. This is 9th study mission in this series organized by maxwell . This study tour and visits to many German companies will explore the latest concepts in production technologies and business operations management solutions that can help manufacturers attain excellence

Study Mission Focus

  1. Understand updated manufacturing technologies and best manufacturing practices at production units and business process areas from Germany
  2. Understanding  how  safety,  quality,  order  fulfilment,  cost  structures,  team  effectiveness,  and manufacturing leadership all impact the customer experience.
  3. Promoting zero defects in production for highest productivity with lowest cost
  4. Identifying where automation and robotics solutions can enhance and strengthen performance inproduct flow .
  5. Learn and promote quality management system and to enhance ability to solve quality related problems


  1. Gain  the emerging opportunities in modern manufacturing from European companies
  2. Participating Group discussion/network meeting with German technical Experts on latest trends in Manufacturing Technology;
  3. Gain  the newest information of mixing machine, filling machine  and related equipment

Post time: Jun-19-2020