Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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The machine adopts high precision intelligent electric eye combined with extremely reliable PLC controlling division labels into lots and labeling. By adsorbing adhesive stickers into the labeling head with air pressure, the labeling can be realized.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    A.Working principle

    The machine adopts high precision intelligent electric eye combined with extremely reliable PLC controlling division labels into lots and labeling. By adsorbing adhesive stickers into the labeling head with air pressure, the labeling can be realized.

    B.Advantages of product

    1Efficiency is up to 50 times/minutes.

    2Labeling bottle adjustable, meet different before and after the workpiece labeling needs.

    3Excellent effect can be delivered for labels with no wrinkles and no bubbles

    4Choose brand PLC and sensor etc electronic components, performance very stable.

    5Modular design, convenient maintenance and low repair cost.. 

    C.Technical parameters

    1efficiency50pcs/min according to overall size of the label


    3Applicable bottles of diameterΦ10-130mm

    4label rollexternal diameter 300mm   inner diameter75mm

    5Label sizewidth 8-150mm  length 15-210mm

    6Power supply220 V, 50HZ 120W

    7Machine size650L×450W×450Hmm

    8Machine weight20kg  

    D.operation sequence

    1First install 2 slices of organic glass tray, respectively in two round installation fixed block, and then you will take slot first set of fixed block tray core shaft, pull the green o-rings into fixed block, then fix block with screws.

    2Label installation: the installation rolls label, is direction in clockwise tag along the label, and put the label on the tray to carry the external fixation and lock screw.

    3Thread the labels like the demostration graph below, clockwise around the label head of standard, the bottom standard core clamping device and head out label, the clamp the clamping DaoBiao cylinder lock, otherwise the machine will not work. After threading the whole label across the inner circle, adjust each positioning circle on film guide rolls properly, to ensure exact guide position the tags are in. 



    Machine diagram & Label stretching chart

    1 positioning arm 2 positioning roll
    3 stripping plate 4 arm pressure bottle
    5 rubber roller 6 rubber roller label balance
    7 magic eye 8 start switch
    9 label 10 fixed block
    11 organic glass tray 12 tray pivot
    13 Motor start capacitance 14 amplifier
    15 Power cables 16 Fuse
    17 Power switch 18 label signals - Reset switch
    19 Relay 20 label signal generator
    21 Power transformer 22 waste paper clamping device
    23 waste paper receiver 24 brake motors
    25 clamping label guide wheel 26 paper feed adjustment screw
    27 guide wheel 28  

    4The power supply plugged into the single-phase power supply (requires a good ground connection). 

    5The power supply switched on, adjust the magic eye:

    Tag magic eye is by amplifier and U fiber-optic first two partsAs shown in Figure


    First will U fiber-optic lines of the head of arbitrary insert fiber socket 2 centimeters, Then lockWill regulator counterclockwise transferred to the lowest position, The tag through u-shaped fiber u-shaped slot, Two pieces of the label on fiber position of interval between head, Then the clockwise turn the regulator, Rotating slowly from low to high, Until light so far

    Back-and-forth pull Label, Label when on optical fiber headindicator light offAgain, that signals a stable fine-tuning. These steps are completed, already successful commissioning that label magic eye. General before they have been tested.

    a、 Magic eye positionMagic eye position is related to label stopped position, so stay to adjust its position. Different sizes of label the required position is different also, Magic eye if position too back, Will appear label is too long,Cause label head cannot adsorption label. Magic eye position quite rely on ahead, Will appear tags too short, Cause tags do not have labeling.

    b、 label stopped positionIs the index sign in labeling strip out before the length of Stripper plateBy magic eye to control. General adjustment to label head traps by tags just can.

    6Adjust the position of positioning armPositioning the bottle on the shelf is positioned to play on the rubber roller can rotate the role of, Depending on the diameter of the bottle, to adjust for the location of the bottle.

    7Pressing down the arm pressure bottle, Press to start  switch to work, Pressure on the arm of the pressure bottle bottle bottle pressing rubber wheel will rotate weekWhile rotating the bottle labels adsorbed on the bottle body.

    8If the gaps between the two labels in the position of the magic eye just stop, please click the  reset switch, label move, stop in the middle of the label position, so as to ensure the normal signal tags.


    1. Abnormal Labeling actionCheck the label position is normalTransmission mechanism have labels or foreign bodies stuck.

    2. Label head doesn’t fall or riseCheck whether power source is normal and stable.

    3. Labels are adsorbedCheck whether air source is normal and stable.

    4. Labels rolled upCheck whether the blowing tube correctly positioned. 

    5. Waste paper receiver doesn’t pullCheck whether the state tension membrane is too tight.

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